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SVL AGM Notice_2020

SVL Annual Report 2019-20





Annual Report_SVL_2017

Notice of 28th AGM_SVL

Microsec Insurance Brokers Ltd_March 2017

Microsec Commerze Ltd_March 2017

Microsec Resources Pvt Ltd_March 2017

Microsec Capital Ltd_March 2017

Bharatiya Sanskriti Village Private Limited_31.03.2017

Innogrow Technologies Limited_31.03.2017

Joybuddy Fun Products Private Limited_31.03.2017

Myjoy Hospitality Private Limited_31.03.2017


Myjoy Pharma Financial_30.11.2016

Myjoy Tasty Food Private Limited_31.03.2017

Myjoy Technologies Private Limited_31.03.2017

Sastasundar Shop Private Limited_31.302017


Scrutinizer report_AGM_2016

Microsec Health Buddy Limited_March_2016

Microsec Capital Limited_March_2016

Microsec Commerze Limited_March_2016

Microsec Resources Pvt. Ltd_March_2016

Microsec Technologies Ltd_March_2016

PRP Technologies Ltd_March_2016

Bharatiya Sanskriti Village Pvt Ltd_March_2016

joybuddy Fun Products Pvt. Ltd_March_2016

Microsec Insuranmce Brokers Ltd_March_2016

Myjoy Hospitality Pvt Ltd_2016

Myjoy Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd_2016

Myjoy Tasty Food Pvt Ltd__2016

Myjoy Technologies Pvt Ltd_2016

Newspaper publication of Notice of 27th AGM

Annual Report, 2016

Notice of 27th AGM

Scrutinizer Report and voting results of 26th AGM

Update of 26th Annual General Meeting

Newspaper publication of Notice of 26th AGM

Annual Report 2015

Notice of 26th AGM

Annual Report 2014

Notice of 25th AGM

Scrutinizer Report on e-voting for 25th AGM

Results of Voting of 25th AGM

Annual Report 2013

Annual Report, 2012

Annual Report, 2011

Annual Report, 2010

Annual Report, 2009