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SastaSundar.Com – Online Pharmacy & Digital Platform of Healthcare
By integrating AI and data analytics with personal counselling, SastaSundar is providing a comprehensive solution to a wide range of healthcare needs - from preventive care to diagnostics to medicine procurement to doctor consultation.
   Genuine medicine at genuine price lies at the core of SastaSundar. ‘Being Genuine’ is the organisational core value.
SastaSundar owns 100% inventory at its central warehouse including the complete trail from procurement to delivery to customers.
We source medicines only from authentic sources (Pharma companies, C&FA and authorised distributors).
Our automated order processing with barcoding of products arrests counterfeiting. The alert beep of mismatch on each stage ensures zero error (we have named it ‘Genu Security Check’).
   Through personalised healthcare counselling, SastaSundar caters to the broader arena of ‘Wellness’.
Our YANA Diet Clinic devises holistic diet plans to help one lose weight and reduce medicine intake.
Genu Path Labs, a state-of-the-art NABL accredited diagnostic laboratory powered by SastaSundar, dedicates itself to providing high quality diagnostic services at an affordable cost.
The distinguished INCODE of DNAVITA identifies nutritional deficiencies in one’s diet and recommends a suitable health supplement.
A one-step destination for all your queries on health & well-being, our ‘Know Health’ section comprises of health articles, videos, infographics, etc. available in English, Hindi & Bengali languages.
Health tools like Pill Reminders, Symptom Checkers, Vaccine Trackers, Pregnancy Tracker, etc. are available with new tools being planned for Step Tracking and Data synchronisation with test devices like BP monitors and glucose monitors.
Availability of personal health records anywhere and anytime on any platform in easy-to-record and view interfaces is key to users’ health and happiness.
Keeping in mind the customer requirement, we offer multiple brands across various categories to facilitate the purchase from favourite brands.
Our Brand Ethos
Our real-time inventory ensures that stock of medicines and wellness products are linked to the app on a real-time basis, and therefore, it is ensured that all orders are fulfilled.
Technology plays the critical role of connecting all the healthcare service providers in the SastaSundar ecosystem and bridges various social segments through the local network.
To ensure healthcare delivery across all geography - Urban, Rural, Internet and Off-the-Internet, SastaSundar is going beyond the existing ways of healthcare delivery.
SastaSundar adds to customer delight by providing sustainable discounts and free home delivery.
Our Mobile App and Website provides a smooth and user-friendly interface to order and reorder with a click. Based on the health services and medicines availed by the customer, the whole application is health-conditioned to focus on his/her particular health need.

The Offerings of SastaSundar

DNA Vita

DNAVITA Health Supplement is a unique offering of SastaSundar. Seeing you lead a healthier and energetic lifestyle is the DNAVITA dream! Read More

YANA Diet Clinic

YANA Diet Clinic, a unique online diet clinic powered by SastaSundar, works on holistic diet plans to lose weight and reduce medicine intake. Read More

Genu Path Labs

A NABL ACCREDITED LAB where everything revolves around Meticulous Assay of Quality Evidence. Read More

Retailer Shakti

SastaSundar supports small neighbourhood pharmacies through its B2B Platform, Retailer Shakti. Read More

SastaSundar Exclusives – Herbs, Spices, Dry Fruits, Nuts and More

SastaSundar is committed to creating high-quality products that are healthy, convenient and meet a motley of dietary and lifestyle needs. Read More

Happy Box

SastaSundar brings to you a unique gifting solution – SastaSundar Happy Box for all occasions. Read More