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DNAVITA Health Supplement is a unique offering of SastaSundar. Seeing you lead a healthier and energetic lifestyle is the DNAVITA dream!

It is available in two categories:

DNAVITA Customised Nutrition
(Customised and Made-to-Order Health Supplement)

Suggested as per the scientific INCODE (Intelligent Nutrition Code): an interface inbuilt on the SastaSundar platform.

By analysing factors indicative of your nutritional status like Height, Weight, Age, Personal Health History, Family Health History and Health Benefits, the INCODE provides you with a unique Health Profile. This personalised health report reflects your overall nutritional status and also the recommendation for a Customised DNAVITA that would suit your requirements the best.

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DNAVITA Ready Nutrition:

An array of conveniently available health supplement, for the mass, made with the choicest of premium healthy ingredients.

Available in 3 major variants – DNAVITA Superkidz, DNAVITA Protein Up and DNAVITA Fit & Hit, DNAVITA Ready Nutrition primarily caters to the generic health requirements of the mass.

DNAVITA Superkidz

A rich profile of protein and dietary fibres makes this a super-duper supplement for kids.

Power of Milk, Oats & Whey
Rich Protein Profile (42% of min. RDA for Children)
Wholesome Dietary Fibre
Essential Vitamins & Minerals (Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron & Zinc)
Zero Cholesterol
Builds Bones
Boost Immunity
For Children 5 Years+

DNAVITA Protein Up

High quality protein, rich dietary fibre and zero added sugar. Need we say more? Feel the energy pumping in!

Protein-Packed: 60% ONLY Milk and Whey
35% Wholesome Protein (vis-à-vis Carbs and Fat)
Rich Dietary Fibre
Essential Vitamins & Minerals (Vitamins C, B12 & B1, Iron & Folic Acid)
Zero Cholesterol
Only Plant-based Low calorie Sweetener: Stevia
Grows, Maintains and Repairs Tissues
Protects from Anaemia
Fights Protein Energy Malnutrition
Prevents Muscle Weakness
For Adolescents and Adults


Want to be fit? Hit it right with this supplement loaded with dietary fibre and optimally balanced carbohydrate, protein and healthy fats!

Nourishment of Milk & Whey
Balanced Nutrition {Protein (34%), Carbs (53%) and Fat (13%)}
Rich in Soluble and Insoluble Dietary Fibre
Essential Vitamins and Minerals
Contains MUFA, PUFA, Vitamin D & Potassium
Zero Cholesterol
Only Plant-based Low calorie Sweetener: Stevia
The Quintessential Fitness Partner
For Adolescents and Adults

What’s Common Across All Variants of DNAVITA?

Made with High Quality, Nutritionally Rich Ingredients
No Artificial Colours, Flavours or Sweeteners
No Trans Fat
Zero Added Preservatives
Steers Clear of Added Salt
Three Exciting Flavours: Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla
Processed under Hygienic Facilities
Available in Jars of 400g and Pouches of 200g each

The constant support and able guidance of SastaSundar’s in-house nutrition experts are always open for all DNAVITA customers.

Visit the exciting world of DNAVITA: https://www.sastasundar.com/index.php/dnavita/