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Genu Path Labs

A NABL ACCREDITED LAB where everything revolves around Meticulous Assay of Quality Evidence.

Highly experienced Clinical Team, Advanced High End Lab Equipment, Stringent Quality Norms – EQAS, ILC, Strong Process Control (QuaGenLR)– all of this, we employ at Genu Path Labs to ensure Accurate Test Results.

The lab dedicates itself to providing high quality diagnostic services at an affordable cost. With ‘Accuracy Guaranteed’ constituting the blueprint and core value, Genu Path Labs has built fully automated diagnostic laboratory with high-end equipment based on the latest technology that provides quick and accurate results with precision.

Services offered include Pathology Tests, USG, Digital X-Ray, ECG, TMT, Doppler, Holter, PFT and Echocardiography among others.

Health packages include General Health Check-up, Diabetic, Cardiac Check-up, Vitamin B12/D and tests like Blood Test, Glucose PP Test, Glucose Fasting Test, Thyroid Profile Test, Dengue, Complete Haemogram Test, Lipid Profile Test, Liver Function Test and more.

Start your journey towards preventive healthcare with Genu Path Labs. Visit: https://www.sastasundar.com/diagnostic