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Retailer Shakti

SastaSundar supports small neighbourhood pharmacies through its B2B Platform, Retailer Shakti.

SastaSundar acknowledges that small neighbourhood pharmacies play a very important role in overall medicine supply. However, they are facing challenges in terms of supply of genuine medicines, finance and in fulfilling prescriptions. Besides due to space constraint in their shops and large number of SKUs of medicines, they are unable to supply wider range of Health Foods & Wellness Products.

Pharmacies which are a part of Retailer Shakti Programme get connected with organised Inventory, Technology & Finance. This provides the competitive advantage to offer the customers a wide range of products, price &anp; experience and empowers the retailers by making them capable of competing with organised retail and by increasing their efficiency in terms of space utilisation, inventory and finance management.

Check out the website: https://www.retailershakti.com/