Toxin Free Beauty Care

Look before you buy! Studies have shown that dangerous chemicals are found in everyday cosmetics and cleaning products. More than an expected percentage of commonly used cosmetics contain dangerous chemicals in various combinations. These chemicals are found in products which are commonly sold in India. This is a direct result of globalization where companies use the same chemicals in their operations across the world. Indians however are at a distinct disadvantage due to the lack of strict government regulations on the composition of cosmetic products. These hazardous chemicals include ones like SLS and Paraben. There is also a debate on whether Parabens should be completely banned. Let us shed light on their harmful effects to the environment and human health:

1. SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) is a cheap, chemical compound, an anionic detergent found in most of the cosmetics, soaps and beauty care products. On application of a product with SLS, it not only touches your skin but also gets through it and mixes with your blood stream. SLS has reportedly been considered a "moderate hazard" that has been on numerous occasions linked to skin and other complications.

2. Paraben is also a class of chemical preservative widely used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. They easily penetrate the skin. Several studies and researches have implied that parabens interfere with hormone functions. They have been found to mimic estrogens, the primary female hormone important for sexual and reproductive development. They may also interfere with male reproductive functions.

To sum it up, will you prefer using products with these chemicals for your hair or skin care?

Of course, it will be a NO.

The prevalence of natural products free from harmful chemicals is both in demand and are much accepted today. Taking inspiration from nature, we decided to enhance your convenience in getting natural products free from these chemicals easily.

Thus ZEROTOX was born.

Healthbuddy introduceslaunched never-before!

ZEROTOX is a realm of toxin free beauty care products. The products under this banner are handmade from natural resources. Owning to nature's gifts and love, we carefully knit our endeavour with holistic approach and they offer a toxin free, pristine beauty care.

ZEROTOX products are SLS and Paraben free. We DO NOT USE harmful artificial and chemical fragrances but pure essential oils, which have often showed therapeutic effects too! The products are free from chemical preservatives to create colours and longevity as well.

ZEROTOXproudly sustains the integrity by using natural and toxin-free ingredients with skin-loving qualities!

Here at ZEROTOXour goal is to offer the best and let you choose for yourself, a better and healthier product that is natural, simple and honest!